Interactive forest trail
1,8 km
2 to 12

Echoes of origins is an interactive forest trail presented by the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec. It addresses environmental issues using a fun, educational and artistic approach. Bringing together several multimedia works, the objective of this immersive walking tour is to make each visitor become aware of the Champlain Sea’s biodiversity heritage in the St. Lawrence Valley and make them realize they are a positive vector for change in current environmental issues.

Echoes of origins interactive forest trail is an active evening experience that takes place outdoors on forest trails. It runs a distance of 1.8 km and takes between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. A voice-over, in French or English at each visitor’s choice, guides visitors throughout the course.

Each visitor is provided with an unusual technological tool that interacts with multimedia installations hidden along the trail as well as  with those of the other participants.

The Centre de la Biodiversité is a scientific museum whose mission is to raise awareness and educate young people and adults about the existence and conservation of Quebec’s biological species as well as the importance of sustainable development. Originally, it was initiated by the Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes, an institution recognized as a forerunner of botanical education and environmental awareness.

Open year-round, the Center presents permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as forest trails in natural environments that allow visitors to appreciate the ecological and biological diversity around the St. Lawrence River and Lac Saint-Pierre.