Interactive forest trail

1,8 km


Some very strange things are happening in the forest behind Centre de la biodiversité de Bécancour. People are coming together and walking the trails holding a “luminous branch” … as if they were walking in a parallel universe where the past, the present and the future are juxtaposed to the present.

Your destination

A remarkable forest inherited from the Champlain Sea, ancestor of the St. Lawrence River.

Your guide

A mysterious red woodpecker that is both mischievous and serious…

Your mission

Save the Champlain Sea heritage and become a vehicle for positive change.

Your challenges

Go through 20 multimedia stations to discover the hidden powers of nature and thwart threats to biodiversity.

Your tool

A powerful interactive branch with very special properties …

L’écho des origines is an interactive walking tour in the forest offered by Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec. It addresses environmental issues using a fun, educational and artistic approach. Bringing together several multimedia works, the objective of this immersive walking tour is to make each visitor become aware of the Champlain Sea’s biodiversity heritage in the St. Lawrence Valley and make them realize they are a positive vector for change in current environmental issues.