Discover the St.Lawrence !

The St. Lawrence River is the heart and soul of Quebec. As Boucar Diouf, famous Quebec oceanographer and inveterate lover of the river, aptly puts it: there’s a bit of the St. Lawrence flowing through the veins of all Quebeckers.

In 2019, the Centre de la biodiversité du Québec celebrates the biological diversity of the St. Lawrence Valley by launching Echoes of origins interactive forest tour. Discover the array of attractions and activities that will help you further experience the river that the Algonquins called Magtogoek or “the Path that Walks”.

Seeing the St. Lawrence

Bécancour and many of its surrounding areas offer a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. Stop by any one of them and you will without a doubt see many ships pass along this waterway that connects the North American continent to the Atlantic Ocean! To observe the river or get a close-up view while sailing on its waters:

Understanding the St. Lawrence

The St. Lawrence River is undoubtedly one of nature’s statements of beauty, but it is by learning more about its biodiversity and that of the valley that flanks it that you will truly understand it.  For more on the St. Lawrence, make sure to visit. “Journey to the bottom of the St. Lawrence” exhibition at Centre de la biodiversité du Québec.

Touching the St. Lawrence

For those who are not afraid to get their toes wet, Bécancour and its surrounding areas offer beautiful, clean, safe, sandy beaches along the St. Lawrence River.

Getting a taste of St. Lawrence Valley’s biodiversity

When it receded, the Champlain Sea left behind sediments in the St. Lawrence Valley giving Bécancour’s agricultural land a distinctive flavor. The region is known for its vineyards, cheeses, tomatoes, cranberries and a vast range of other regional specialties. Food explorers and seasoned gourmets, right this way!

Long live the St. Lawrence River!